Five Cute Sugar-Coated Nail Ideas for 2019

Why leave your nails looking dull and simple when a little bit of work can turn them into an eye-catching piece of art. The availability of modern equipment has made the world of nail design more creative and innovative than ever before. In this instance, nail dipping powder can work more than just coating your nails, it can also be used to create a sugar-effect nail art that is ideal for everyone. Here are some sugar-effect floral nail designs that you can DIY on your own home.

Sugar-Coated Nail Ideas

1. French Tip Ombre and Sugar-Effect

Update the classic French tip (which is having a comeback, by the way!) by having the white top fade gently into the nude base. Add some sparkle on one finger to finish the look. To make the sparkle even more gorgeous, try the sugar-coating effect rather than just a simple glittered gel polish.

2. 3D Vanilla and Strawberry Nail Art

Do you love strawberry sorbet? Well, you may now put your love for strawberry sorbet on your nail art with this nail art design idea. It’s a very subtle combination of light pink, white, and a little bit of glitter. Also, it’s very easy to recreate. Just paint the nail with one color, In this case it will be pink using LDS D143 Crème de la crème then use a thin brush to create stripes on the ring fingernail with a LDS Liquid Sealer Dry then sprinkle LDS D157 Endless Love for the sugar-coated effect.

3. 3D French Flower Nail Art

This versatile 3D French mani looks super feminine and elegant. If you want to add an edge to your regular French manicure, this look would be a treat! The pretty white flowers and the sugar-effect gracefully complete the chic look.

4. White Flowers and Shimmer

This look uses sugar-effect and white flowers along with some silver embellishments. If you’re looking to give your nails a magical, feminine touch, this design would be perfect! This nail is ideal for any occasion to no occasions at all. It looks very feminine and a nail art like this doesn’t need any special occasion to shine because it can shine on its own.

5. 3D Christmas Nail Art

If there is one season to be all-out, then that is the Christmas season. This design uses a shimmering base and some fancy decor to take your nails to another level. To achieve the shimmering basecoat, use LDS D157 Endless Love and sugar coat it the way you will on your pastry and your nails will be ready for the season.