Step-by-Step Tutorial to Do a Marble Manicure for Beginners

Do you want to have more fun with nail polish than just getting a neutral manicure? Social media is filled with endless nail art designs. Moreover, some of these designs are DIY-able and don’t require the help of a professional nail artist. In this tutorial, we will explain how to do a marble manicure.

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Do Marble Manicure

What You Will Need to Get a Marble Manicure?

Here is the list of products and tools that you require to get a marble manicure.

Base Color

For the base color, we choose a classic black nail polish that has a glossy shine. Remember a base color can be a neutral hue to a bright, bold shade. If you are not feeling a true black manicure, choose a deep red tone for a bit lighter finish.

Texture Color

Texture color is always 1 or 2 shades lighter than the base color. You have to combine texture color with the base color to create the marble effect. If you want a rainbow-like effect, add the best holographic nail polish with a lighter shade than the base color.

Detail Color

You will use detailed colors to draw lines so that they can pop up. Those using dark base colors like black should select solid white or cream color nail polish to add detail.

Metallic Color

When choosing a metallic shade, you should make sure that the tone aligns with the detailed color. If you want the metallic color to pair well with any nail art design, select a subtle gold shimmer nail polish.

Detail Brush

To find a detailed brush, one should head towards their makeup bag. The detail brush for nail art is the best tool that can be used to draw lines on your nails. Alternatively, use a tiny brush to get a similar result.

Plastic Brush

This plastic brush is a crucial tool that is required for this marble manicure. The plastic brush needs to wad up to make the desired marble effect.

Top Coat

Top coat nail polish is required at the last stage of this marble manicure process. However, the topcoat is an essential step since it helps seal the nail polish.

After completing your marble nail design, the topcoat is needed to make a smooth texture. Choose a topcoat that prevents cracking and enables the marbling design to display fully.

Clean-Up Brush

You can use a clean-up brush to remove any smudges and get a beautiful marble effect.

Nail Polish Remover

After completing the nail design, you should dip the nail polish remover brush into a polish remover to eliminate any excess polish.

How to Do a Marble Manicure?

Apply Your Base Coat

Brush up every edge of the nails and cover the tips. You should get the nail polish for water marbling the process. Apply double coats of the base color nail polish.

Add Texture

Turn a plastic wrap into a ball. Then, take the base color and texture color. Put a drop of both these nail polishes on a clean surface. Use that ball to press into the two nail polish colors. Slightly press and roll the ball onto your nails and create a textured finish.

Add Detail

After the texture color has dried, you will need to add detailed nail polish color. Use a detail brush to draw squiggly lines of detail color irregularly onto nails. You should follow any lines of texture.

Put Some Shine

First, remove the nail polish from the detail brush. Use tissue paper and nail polish remover to wipe away the polish properly. Let it dry. Then, take the metallic color using the detail brush and put metallic accents near the detail color design.

Remove Any Smudges

Use a remover brush and nail polish remover to remove any smudges on the fingers. Clean your nail’s edges. Then, wait for the nail polish to dry before adding a topcoat.

Apply Your Top Coat

You have to add one coat of topcoat to lock the manicure design. Leave it to dry for at least 10 minutes before you start flaunting the marble manicure on social media platforms.


We hope now you understand how to do a marble manicure. You should be ready with all the necessary products before starting the manicure process. One should get good nail shapes using a nail cutter to enhance the look of the marble nail design.