Glitter Gel Polish and How to Apply It Correctly

Wow, glitter polish looks great on your nails. Who does not love the nails to glitter in the light and the dark, allowing you to make a forceful fashion statement? However, have we been applying glitter the right way? We think we are. So, let us see how we apply it and whether it is right? If not, we shall discuss the right way to do it. So, keep reading this blog until the end to understand the correct procedure for applying glitter gel nail colors.

Glitter Gel Polish

What Have We Been Doing until Now?

We have been applying glitter polish like we apply our regular nail manicure. Is that wrong? Unfortunately, the process you follow leads to a patchy and uneven manicure that can take an eternity to dry. In addition, the removal process can be highly challenging. So, what do you do?

The solution

The best way to get glitter gel nails is to visit the salon. You get them dime-a-dozen if you type ‘glitter gel near me’ on the Google search bar.

The nail salon technicians know their job the best. They ensure that you get the best glitter gel polish in town. So, if you were expecting me to provide this solution, you are mistaken. Any person without even a basic knowledge of nail manicures will give such a suggestion.

Now let us discuss the perfect way to apply.

Step by Step Apply Glitter Gel Polish

Get your things in order

We suggest you assemble the ingredients required for the best glitter gel manicure. They include a base coat, liquid latex, glitter gel nail polish, a makeup sponge, and a topcoat.

Here are the steps in detail.

Apply the base coat as you usually do

This part of the glitter gel manicure is the same as you do for your regular gel polish manicures. So, we do not discuss this aspect much. Instead, we advise you to follow the proper procedure and apply the basecoat as you always do.

Use your liquid latex to good effect

When applying gel polish or glitter, the primary issue is that the paint spills over to the skin and stains the areas around the nails. First, the manicure loses its beauty if it happens. Secondly, it makes your job that much more challenging. You now have to spend a lot of time removing the polish before proceeding further. The removal process involves using acetone. Frequent usage of acetone can dry the skin and the nails. So, here is a perfect solution to avoid such a situation.

Take a clean brush and apply a layer of liquid latex around the nails on the skin. Please ensure that the latex does not spread over to the nail. It prevents the gel polish or the glitter from sticking to your skin.

This process is optional because you can straightaway proceed to the next step if you are an expert.

The makeup sponge comes in handy now

Apply the glitter gel nails polish on the edge of the makeup sponge. Please ensure to have a decent layer of glitter on the sponge. Use a clean brush to get the job done. Apply in straight lines and ensure that the layers are not thick to smudge your nails.

Use the sponge to dab your nails with glitter

Dab the sponge on your nails. This process transfers the glitter from the sponge to the nails. The advantage of using the sponge is that it soaks up the nail polish and leaves the glitter alone on the sponge. So, when you dab the sponge on your nails, the glitter gets transferred fully and leaves an opaque finish. It is a much better process than sprinkling glitter gel on your nails. You get the densest and most opaque layer on your nails.

Peel the liquid latex off

You will understand the significance of liquid latex now. You will find that some glitter would have spread onto the latex. So, if the latex were not there, you would have stained the skin. However, you can easily peel off the latex layer, and all the excess glitter comes off.

Apply the topcoat

The final step in the manicure is to apply the topcoat layer as you usually do for your regular gel polish. Remember that you have to cure the top coat under the UV lamp for curing it. Also, since you have glitter on your nails, we recommend a glossy finish. Therefore, you need more than two coats of topcoat application.

Once your glitter gel nails are ready, you can enjoy them.

Final Thoughts

Now, you will understand that we have been following the wrong procedure of applying glitter for ages. Once you have learned the correct method, there is no need to search the Google website for glitter gel near me. You have become an expert yourself.