Everything You Need to Know About SNS Nails

Taking a walk into a nail salon leaves you with many options to choose from; either the perfect kind of nail Polish to use, the best nail color (new shades or the regular?), the best nail shape to use (round, square or something pointed?).

You’ve got one more choice on your list that you may have slightly ignored; Rather than go for a gel manicure or regular manicure, you could try SNS nails.

What are SNS nails?

SNS nails, or ”dip powder manicure” as it is fondly called, are manufactured using glue and powder, and this combination results in a lasting bond on your nails. SNS dipping powder brand, just like OPI and LDS dip nails brands, which gives this method its name.

Like any other regular polish, it is available in a wide variety of colors from which you can easily make a pick. It is not just like any standard manicure, the difference being that it doesn’t have the pungent smell of acrylic that’s now almost synonymous to nail polish as you’re fully aware.

The curing process does not require light, just like other gels. This makes it a sturdy and viable alternative to both options, most notably for anyone who might be scared of the potential risks involved in using UV lights to dry polish, as is applicable in other types of Polish.

How to Apply SNS dip nail

The method of application is quite simple. Ensure your nail bed work surface is smooth before you start. Apply a single clear gel polish coat to your nails, and dip each finger into it. If it is excess, brush it off lightly. Repeat this process three times, and do a finishing by dipping the tips into a natural setting. Use a sealer to lock-in colors, and then file the nails down, getting rid of bumps that may come up. Wash your hands off, and apply another layer of Polish. Now you have beautiful nails to show off.

A simple breakdown of this goes thus

  • First, the filing of the nails and shaping, as well as cleansing with a primer
  • Brushing the nail plate with a resin coat
  • Dipping the nails into a color powder, one finger at a time, and adding resin once again·
  • The next thing is brushing an activator two or three times on the nail plate, depending on the product, though.
  • Finally, application of a glossy top coat, giving it luster and shine.

How long do SNS nails last?

They can last for as long as two to three weeks without fading or cracking, making a worthy comparison to DND DC gel in terms of staying long. Proper application of SNS nails help the bails last longer and reach maximum span, but it is also advisable to avoid activities that will cause premature damage to the nails such as physical tasks like household cleaning, gardening, and lifting, without proper protective materials like gloves.

When you feel like taking them off, you have to soak the nails for about 15 to 20 minutes in acetone, and they’ll go off smoothly.

Designs of SNS Nails

SNS dip powder nails are available in different styles and designs. The same way beautiful designs and prints can be created on other polish, it applies to SNS nails. To get a French manicure, dip the tips of your fingers into the powder and spice it up by changing the shades.

For stripes or zigzag designs, use a similar process by merely applying patterns with the glue. If you desire something outstanding yet straightforward, you could create a single color pattern or try a variety of tones. Using these nail techniques lets you express your imagination and skills.

Ombre SNS Nails

This is a popular nail design that people can’t stop talking about. The process of application can be quite different and a bit tricky, and it’s best to visit a professional to get the best results. It is also available in fashionable colors like pink, red, and black. To create the

French manicure using this, you can go for a white tone at the tips. You’ll want to go into hand modeling with such beautiful fingers.

SNS Nails with Tips

For the category that may not have long nails why not try using tips? SNS manicures give a beautiful and classic look when extensions are added, and they even make your fingers longer. Also, ensure to go to a professional salon, so you don’t get twisted or crooked nails. Flashy colors like white, pink, or baby blue are charming during warm months, and darker tones like black, navy blue or grey look utterly lovely during winter.