The Best Nail Polish Sets

Best Nail Polish Sets

Nail polishes are lacquers that are applied to the fingernails to beautify the nails. Nail polishes can also be used to protect the nails. Gel nail polish is made of different organic components to give it a unique color. There are different types of nail polishes like:

Base Coat

Basecoat is the type of nail coat that should be used only before applying polish to nails. This is because it strengthens the nails and helps to make polishes stay stronger on the nails.

Top Coat 

This is the type of polish that is the opposite of the base coat. The Topcoat should be used after applying the push on the nails. The Topcoat helps to make the polish stay on the nail without chipping. They also help the polish dry faster.


A gel is another type of polish applied like regular polishes but does not dry; gels need UV or LED light to cure. Gel polish lasts for 2 to 3 weeks on average.


Matte polish is similar to regular polishes, but the difference is that they have a duller look instead of the shine of the regular polishes.

Regular polishes are of different types; some are Shellac, Acrylic, Gel, Dip Powder, and Paraffin Manicure.

Best Nail Polish Sets

Nail care companies have made several advances in their products; one of the improvements they made to make manicure easy for their customers is producing kits and sets.

Different Nail Care Companies manufacture different types of sets, and the best by popularity are listed below. I’m sure you’d find the perfect set for you after going through the list.

OPI Shine Bright Nail Lacquer Mini 10 Pack

As you would have heard, the name OPI is a household name in the nail care business. OPI has perfected the art of satisfying their customers, and that is one reason that brought about this 10 Mini Polish Pack. This kit carries ten beautiful colors and at an affordable price.

Morgan Taylor Holiday Nail Art Kit

This kit is from the stalls of Morgan Taylor, a well-known nail care brand. This kit is perfect for a self manicure. The products in the kit include a top and base coat, three festive colors, decals, nail stickers, and jewels.

Nails Inc. Cosmic Blur Set

Nail Inc. is a fashion company that manufactures nail care products that go in line with their other fashion products. This set is a combination of gel color nail polish and face highlighter. It is an amazing set that gives your face and nails a stunning and rhyming look.

Deborah Lippmann Nails Essentials Manicure & Pedicure Set

Deborah Lippmann is a forerunner in the nail care industry. Many people have tested Deborah Lippmann, and they do not use any other product aside from her products. Everything about this set makes it a perfect setting for you to purchase because it includes everything you need to complete your manicure or pedicure. Talk about nail polishes, products to prep and shape your nails and other nail care products. Another wonderful feature is that the set is affordable for anyone interested in a manicure and pedicure.

4 Piece Customizable Holiday Gift Set

The most amazing thing about this set is that you get to choose any four of the company’s signature colors for your own set. Many people love the Oshosi shade.

Ulta It’s a Holo-Holiday Mini Nail Kit

This kit is a holiday set manufactured by Ulta. It is specially curated to give your nails the warmth that goes with the holiday season with the amazing colors. It has different colors that you can use on different nails to give your nails a time up.

Holiday Essentials Nail Sets

This is a wonderful set that is themed for the holiday season. It is a gel nail polish set designe

d for luxury, which makes it more pricey than many others. The set includes products like cuticle oil, a topcoat, and four richly pigmented colors.

Olive & June The Winter Set

This is another one of the different polish sets you can find anywhere. This kit is curated specially for a multi-color manicure. It carries seven long-lasting polishes that can be used alongside each other to beautify the nails.


Nail manicure is vital for most women because it brings a burst of confidence to their daily lives. Nail Manicures can be done at salons, but most women now learn to do their manicures and pedicure themselves to save the time they spend at the salon.

Nail care companies have thus made it easier for women to do their manicures and pedicures in their houses by manufacturing kits and sets that include the different materials and polishes for different types of manicures.