Banish the Blues Away with Blue Nugenesis Nails

Blue is one of the most beautiful and serene colors you can ever come across in the universe. The blue skies and the blue oceans are a sight to behold. That explains why our planet is often called the ‘Blue Planet.’ How about a touch of blue in our lives too? Of course, you can have your blue attire. But, nothing can match the blue Nugenesis nails on your fingertips because the range of blue shades available on the Nugenesis color chart can be mind-boggling.

What Does the Blue Color Signify?

blue nail

Blue is a serene color with a lot of depth in it. It brings out your creative and imaginative qualities and makes you an unconventional and forward-thinking person. Besides, blue signifies trust, loyalty, and dependability. In addition, the light blue nail shades indicate that you have a boyfriend and are seriously in love. So, can there be a lovelier color than blue?

Blue represents various other qualities. We shall discuss them all in this article.

Why Is Blue the Favorite of All?

While red signifies passion, blue represents calmness and peace with the self. Thus, blue is the perfect color to wear to reduce your stress levels to lower your blood pressure. In addition, we have said that blue embodies trust. So, it means that blue signals to people that you are someone they can trust and rely on to help them whenever they need it. Therefore, we always refer to blue as the most dependable color.

While the white shade symbolizes peace, blue is all about tranquility and brings untold calmness to your personality. So, it enables you to think positively and shows you as a creative and imaginative person.

Blue – The Color for All Seasons

Do you know that blue has different shades to suit different seasons? While the sky blue and the baby blue are ideal for spring, the turquoise and aqua blue should be super for summer. Similarly, the dark navy blue and periwinkle are ideally suited for the winter. So, it is a color you can have on your nails all year round. You can refer to the Nugenesis color chart and choose your favorite blue shade that suits your mood and have a great time.

The Light Blues – Say a lot about your nature

The most exciting feature of the light blue shade is that it shows your commitment to your beliefs and everything you stand for in life. In addition, it indicates your understanding of nature and displays the softer side of your personality. So, can we say that light blue represents love? Yes. You can. Wearing blue nails when meeting your boyfriend signals to others that you have found your partner.

The light blue brings out different sides of your personality as you age. It shows your inclination toward spirituality. Besides, light blue is an embodiment of intuition and relaxation. Thus, we say that the light blue shades are the most tranquil.

The Dark Blues – A more formal attitude

The beauty of blue nail colors is that the different shades bring out different facets of your personality. For example, dark blue is perfect for people in power as it denotes integrity, power, and wisdom and shows you as a commanding person.

Dark blue makes you look confident and focused all the time. Thus, it brings out qualities like grit and ambition. So, we can say that blue is ideal for influential people who like to control things. At the same time, the darker blue shades like indigo have psychic qualities. They signify negative emotions like depression, sadness, etc.

Banish the Blues with the Blues

We have seen that blue indicates your commitment and shows you as a sensitive person. But, it also embodies qualities like confidence and focus. So, it makes you a person displaying different personalities, depending on the situation. Thus, blue brings out the multifaceted personalities and indicates your readiness to change with the times. These qualities help to face any problem in life and come out trump. So, you can banish the blues with your blue Nugenesis nails.

What Does the Guy in Your Life Think about Blue?

Blue appeals to both men and women. So, it matters a lot about what your man feels about the blue shades on your nails. Blue signifies that you already have a soulmate. So, we advise you to avoid blue when you do not have a boyfriend and are searching for one. Wearing blue sends the wrong signals. Under such circumstances, pink and red seem better options.

Once you fall in love, blue is the perfect color because of its commitment.

Final Thoughts

Did you ever think that nail polish colors reveal a lot about your personality? Yes. They can. So, when you paint your nails the next time, go through the Nugenesis color chart and choose your shades accordingly.