Banish the Blues Away with Blue Nugenesis Nails

Blue is one of the most beautiful and serene colors you can ever come across in the universe. The blue skies and the blue oceans are a sight to behold. That explains why our planet is often called the ‘Blue Planet.’ How about a touch of blue in our lives too? Of course, you can have your blue attire. But, nothing can match the blue Nugenesis nails on your fingertips because the range of blue shades available on the Nugenesis color chart can be mind-boggling.

What Does the Blue Color Signify?

blue nail

Blue is a serene color with a lot of depth in it. It brings out your creative and imaginative qualities and makes you an unconventional and forward-thinking person. Besides, blue signifies trust, loyalty, and dependability. In addition, the light blue nail shades indicate that you have a boyfriend and are seriously in love. So, can there be a lovelier color than blue?

Blue represents various other qualities. We shall discuss them all in this article.

Why Is Blue the Favorite of All?

While red signifies passion, blue represents calmness and peace with the self. Thus, blue is the perfect color to wear to reduce your stress levels to lower your blood pressure. In addition, we have said that blue embodies trust. So, it means that blue signals to people that you are someone they can trust and rely on to help them whenever they need it. Therefore, we always refer to blue as the most dependable color.

While the white shade symbolizes peace, blue is all about tranquility and brings untold calmness to your personality. So, it enables you to think positively and shows you as a creative and imaginative person. (more…)

Glitter Gel Polish and How to Apply It Correctly

Wow, glitter polish looks great on your nails. Who does not love the nails to glitter in the light and the dark, allowing you to make a forceful fashion statement? However, have we been applying glitter the right way? We think we are. So, let us see how we apply it and whether it is right? If not, we shall discuss the right way to do it. So, keep reading this blog until the end to understand the correct procedure for applying glitter gel nail colors.

Glitter Gel Polish

What Have We Been Doing until Now?

We have been applying glitter polish like we apply our regular nail manicure. Is that wrong? Unfortunately, the process you follow leads to a patchy and uneven manicure that can take an eternity to dry. In addition, the removal process can be highly challenging. So, what do you do?

The solution

The best way to get glitter gel nails is to visit the salon. You get them dime-a-dozen if you type ‘glitter gel near me’ on the Google search bar.

The nail salon technicians know their job the best. They ensure that you get the best glitter gel polish in town. So, if you were expecting me to provide this solution, you are mistaken. Any person without even a basic knowledge of nail manicures will give such a suggestion.

Now let us discuss the perfect way to apply. (more…)

Dip Powder Manicure: Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy

Nails are not just for decoration. They also play an important role in protecting our fingers and toes. When our nails are healthy, they help us stay safe by keeping bacteria and other contaminants out of our bodies. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to properly care for their nails and as a result, their nails become weak and susceptible to infection. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to keep your nails healthy using a dip powder manicure.

Dip Powder Manicure

Avoid Over-Exposure to Water

One of the most important things to remember when using a dip powder manicure is to avoid over-exposure to water. This can cause your nails to become weak and brittle. When you are washing your hands, make sure to use lukewarm water and avoid scrubbing your nails too hard. Also, try to keep your hands out of the water as much as possible when you are not doing anything that requires them to be in it.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals on Your Nails

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails. Many people think that they need to use strong cleaners and disinfectants on their nails in order to keep them clean and healthy. However, this is not the case. In fact, using harsh chemicals on your nails can actually damage them and make them more susceptible to infection. Instead, opt for gentle, soap-free cleansers that will not strip your nails of their natural oils.

Use Good Quality Nail Dip Products

One way to keep your nails healthy is to use good-quality nail dip products. Cheap products can often contain harsh chemicals that can damage your nails. Instead, try to find a brand of nail dip products that are known for their high quality and gentle ingredients. One such brand is SNS. I would suggest you try out SNS dip colors for your next manicure and you’ll see how amazing their products are. They are not only available in a number of different options but also completely safe for your nails. (more…)

How Ladies Can Look Trendy When Wearing Long Sleeves

Every woman desires to appear attractive and chic in their clothes. There are lots of trendy wear available all year round, and long sleeves t-shirts are a fashionable option. With long sleeves, you can combine it with nice pants or jean trousers, based on your choice and fashion need. Read on to learn about how ladies can look trendy with long sleeves.

Women’s Long Sleeves

How Ladies Can Look Trendy When Wearing Long Sleeves

The long sleeve t-shirts women wear provides a plethora of options. You may use your long sleeve shirt alone without adding additional top material. If your preference is a combination that would seem very stunning on you, you might pair it with leggings that precisely suit your legs. You may experiment with dark leggings and a white long sleeve t-shirt. The combination is sure to capture the gaze of both genders.

If the dress has an adequate length, it may be worn with long black boots. Additionally, layering a cardigan on your long-sleeved shirt adds sophistication to your image. You may pair your long-sleeved shirt using a skating skirt. While we are still in winter, this combo will seem quite attractive. (more…)

Trending Autumn Gel Polish Colors to Light up the Season

The autumn season is when the environment is at its gloomiest, with leaves falling everywhere and the scenario looking bleak and cold. On the wardrobe front, you abandon your sandals, tank tops, and sundresses for booties, sweaters, and denim wear. Should you worry about your nail colors? Though it should not make much difference, it is natural for people to shift from the sunny, bright colors to the moody, dark, and dull colors.

If you are looking for the perfect autumn gel polish collection, you are at the right place. We have handpicked some excellent and trending autumn color combos that could light up your gloomy evenings and spruce the surroundings.

This fall season, these trending autumn colors should be an integral part of your gel nail polish kit collection.

Trending Autumn Gel Polish Colors

The Sandy White look is a new shade to try on

Trending Autumn Gel Polish Colors

Generally, you find the store shelves packed with off-white and nude fingertips at the start of the fall season. However, it pays to follow the trend and be slightly off the track at times because it brings out the experimentative side of your personality. The Sandy White shades should be the perfect colors to bid goodbye to summers and welcome the fall season. The exciting part is that this shade goes with practically anything and suits all attire. (more…)

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Do a Marble Manicure for Beginners

Do you want to have more fun with nail polish than just getting a neutral manicure? Social media is filled with endless nail art designs. Moreover, some of these designs are DIY-able and don’t require the help of a professional nail artist. In this tutorial, we will explain how to do a marble manicure.

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Do Marble Manicure

What You Will Need to Get a Marble Manicure?

Here is the list of products and tools that you require to get a marble manicure.

Base Color

For the base color, we choose a classic black nail polish that has a glossy shine. Remember a base color can be a neutral hue to a bright, bold shade. If you are not feeling a true black manicure, choose a deep red tone for a bit lighter finish.

Texture Color

Texture color is always 1 or 2 shades lighter than the base color. You have to combine texture color with the base color to create the marble effect. If you want a rainbow-like effect, add the best holographic nail polish with a lighter shade than the base color.

Detail Color

You will use detailed colors to draw lines so that they can pop up. Those using dark base colors like black should select solid white or cream color nail polish to add detail. (more…)

The Best Nail Polish Sets

Best Nail Polish Sets

Nail polishes are lacquers that are applied to the fingernails to beautify the nails. Nail polishes can also be used to protect the nails. Gel nail polish is made of different organic components to give it a unique color. There are different types of nail polishes like:

Base Coat

Basecoat is the type of nail coat that should be used only before applying polish to nails. This is because it strengthens the nails and helps to make polishes stay stronger on the nails.

Top Coat 

This is the type of polish that is the opposite of the base coat. The Topcoat should be used after applying the push on the nails. The Topcoat helps to make the polish stay on the nail without chipping. They also help the polish dry faster. (more…)

Useful Tips for Applying DND DC polish

DND DC is a gel polish produced with toluene, Resin, Camphor, and other harmful chemicals that can cause injury to our nails. The DND DC gel polish is a reputable name in nail care, and it features beauty endowed nail hues to make your nails look neat, beautiful, and fascinating.

This nail product consists of different colors selected to suit your clothes’ color or help to enhance your beauty. This nail gel is fused with all the vitamins that make nails robust and healthy and keeps the nail beautiful for many days without peeling or chipping. DND gel stays firmly on nails due to the absence of harmful oxidants. With the help of the two trending and nail care professional application styles, the polish will last longer, appear on nail thin and straightforward.

All packs of this nail care product always consist of additional kits that hydrate the skin. However, the DND polish is in two categories, which are gel polish and befitting regular polish. Items in each kit are one DND gel varnish, matching nail gloss, and outing glitters.

It is impossible to use regular nail varnish and gel polish because the typical varnish has an evaporated liquid that dries off quickly. In case you have a polish that you’ve left opened for a long time, the same evaporated issue can happen to this polish. The DND DC polish doesn’t contain any harmful substances that can evaporate and are easy to patch while using an UltraViolent or LED light. Read on to learn some useful tips to apply DND DC polish.

Procedures for using the DND gel varnish

Here are simple procedures to use DND gel varnish:

  • Put the DND base coat, glue all nail edges, and then use the UltraViolent lamp to cure for two minutes or LED light for thirty seconds.
  • Apply two different DND gel colors before curing under the Ultraviolet lamp again.
  • Use a cool unwrapped and alcohol to detach the sticky paint leftover on the nail, then apply the DND gel varnish and dry under the LED lamp/UltraViolent lamp.


Everything You Need to Know About SNS Nails

Taking a walk into a nail salon leaves you with many options to choose from; either the perfect kind of nail Polish to use, the best nail color (new shades or the regular?), the best nail shape to use (round, square or something pointed?).

You’ve got one more choice on your list that you may have slightly ignored; Rather than go for a gel manicure or regular manicure, you could try SNS nails.

What are SNS nails?

SNS nails, or ”dip powder manicure” as it is fondly called, are manufactured using glue and powder, and this combination results in a lasting bond on your nails. SNS dipping powder brand, just like OPI and LDS dip nails brands, which gives this method its name.

Like any other regular polish, it is available in a wide variety of colors from which you can easily make a pick. It is not just like any standard manicure, the difference being that it doesn’t have the pungent smell of acrylic that’s now almost synonymous to nail polish as you’re fully aware. (more…)

Five Cute Sugar-Coated Nail Ideas for 2019

Why leave your nails looking dull and simple when a little bit of work can turn them into an eye-catching piece of art. The availability of modern equipment has made the world of nail design more creative and innovative than ever before. In this instance, nail dipping powder can work more than just coating your nails, it can also be used to create a sugar-effect nail art that is ideal for everyone. Here are some sugar-effect floral nail designs that you can DIY on your own home.

Sugar-Coated Nail Ideas

1. French Tip Ombre and Sugar-Effect

Update the classic French tip (which is having a comeback, by the way!) by having the white top fade gently into the nude base. Add some sparkle on one finger to finish the look. To make the sparkle even more gorgeous, try the sugar-coating effect rather than just a simple glittered gel polish.